Organic whole wheat flour

What is it about the combination of sugar, butter, & flour?

I must confess. I am not a great baker. Mostly because I have a very low tolerance for white flour in my recipes. I NEVER add flour to my soups in order to "thicken it up". Something about that just makes my blood boil. The soup isn't think because its hardy, full of vegetables. No, its thick because the recipe calls for flour? Flour in my soup?

Get out of my kitchen. Get out.

Instead of adding this empty ingredient, I puree a cooked potato or zucchini with some soup broth. As you can see I have very strong feelings on this subject.


I will substitute ingredients like NOBODY'S business.....and I'm NOT sorry about any of it. If a recipe calls for white all purpose flour, I put in 1/2 whole wheat. Unsalted butter? Earth Balance or just oil to the rescue. Milk, well that's almond milk of course. Sugar? SUGAR...hahaha I will cut that shit in half! I no longer metabolize it like a seven year old. I crash and feel sluggish. My energy level gets depleted. That doesn't make me stop eating it, but it does mean that sweets make less appearances in my kitchen.

james & Baci

There is one problem with all of this substituting & his name is James, my boyfriend (<3 him & his sweet tooth). "And don't you go replacing any of the ingredients." He'll say as I got to make cookies. James is the only reason I make sweets.

Rhubarb Tart

As I'm writing this, I'm also suffering from a sugar crash induced by a Rhubarb Raspberry Tart. I used all the sugar it told me to. I used all the REAL butter it called for. The only thing I didn't use was white flour. It was....packed with layers upon layers of stimulation for my taste buds. Once I could only manage 1/2 of a square before putting it away.

I hope that I still have a link for this because James loved this tart. It might make an appearance again, in like 4 years.