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Morning coffee

I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee (or latte). I'm just really picky, unsatisfied with the coffee that's been happening in my apartment. I feel like it's a very confusing time for me as a coffee drinker. I mentioned before we switched out our Chemix for an automatic coffee maker.


Before everyone starts telling me to get a french press, I would just like to say that I have one. It doesn't solve my need for an automatic coffee maker. I really wanted a timer so my coffee would be ready when I woke up. If  I was going to use an automatic coffee maker I don't want to do much at all. When I wake up in the morning, cold and sleepy, I want the coffee ready.

Buying a coffee maker was it's own issue. We researched and realized the all coffee makers basically suck. They all don't get the water to the right temperature of 195-200 F. That's the reason why the coffee at a coffee house tastes better then the one at home.

We purchased a coffee maker anyway for about $100.00 from amazon. com. It never brewed a cup. It wouldn't drip. Also, no timer. We returned it and ordered a $60.00 automatic coffee maker. The coffee sucks, unless I BOIL WATER AND THEN POUR IT IN THE COFFEE MAKER. Even then it's okay. Not great.


When boyfriend went off on a week long business trip and I decided to NOT deal with making coffee.
After a facebook conversation (I erased the other comments. It was super long) and few emails with my BFF Sara, we decided to do a 30 day no coffee challenge. It's tea for me for the next 30 days! My darling boyfriend is SUPER excited...


I hear it takes 30 days to form a new habit.  I know it's not solving my need for a hot beverage magically appearing for me when I wake up but I figure that drinking tea is a better for me then coffee.

Right now it's day 5 and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.