Farmers market pears Roasted acorn squash Roasted sweet potatoes Mixing blue paints Set of 8 Vintage Kraft Place Cards Sunflower 

1.Pears form the farmers market. Really hold off so I can think of a dessert to make but I just made a pumpkin pie....may just eat them before I think of something to make.
2.Acorn squash, also from the market. Roasted with olive oil and salt.
3.Roasted sweet potatoes with garlic, olive oil and crushed red pepper. MMmmmm fall food.
4.Mixing blue colors.
5.Etsy photo's I took for Sophia Design Shoppe.
6.Sunflower. Seller at the market: " What are you going to do what that?" Me: " Eat it!" And I am. One by one as I make my tea in the morning.